In Memory of Simon (By George Trippis)

George played drums in Simon’s band Fragile. 

I was introduced to Fragile by Andy Morrison. Andy said Fragile had some recording to finish in a few days, but their usual drummer (Simon Gibson), was sick and couldn’t make it. The night before the recording however, Simon G was better and so I wasn’t needed. I hadn’t met Holmesy at that point, and yet he phoned me to apologise, and to also thank me for agreeing to help out. That’s how noble he was.

Sometime later Fragile needed a new drummer, and Andy asked me back. I walked into Damien Gerard’s and my first impression of Simon was how friendly, relaxed, and calm he was. He treated me like a professional and an equal from day one. I remember before each show he’d get us together and say “last transmission”. We did go out there every time and play like it was our last time – lead by Simon.

I hadn’t seen Simon for a couple of years when my wife asked him to play at my surprise 40th, which he did, and Fragile thrashed out some songs again that night. I was honoured. He announced that night before we started playing, that I was a loved brother. Although that was many years ago, I will never forget that.

As well as his musical insight and genius, I will remember Simon as a man of wisdom, love, and humility.


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