In Memory of Simon Holmes by Nicola Schultz

Nicola Schultz worked at Half-A-Cow and played bass in the 90s band Swirl.

I was devastated, like so many others to hear to Simon’s passing, and find myself reflecting on the way he touched my life. I remember buying the newly released LoveBuzz by The Hummingbirds and playing it on a small record player in my bedroom, coming to the door, where my mother stood to relay my excitement at this beautiful music as song after song unfolded all its beauty, those lush boy girl harmonies, and the perfect pop sensibility. Pure joy.
Around this time, I made long treks into the city to Phantom Records to buy the latest Cocteau Twins record, and found it amazing to see Simon standing there in his leather jacket behind the counter. He was always amicable, no ego. Little did I know that a few years later I would work with Simon at Half A Cow Records, after Swirl played an open mic night at The Lansdowne Hotel and met Nic Dalton who serendipitously was mixing that night. Nic became busy touring overseas with The Lemonheads and with the label, so asked Simon to take over the store which I had been working at for awhile.

I remember that Simon brought part of his great CD collection into the store and a new
music appreciation experience ensued. The band I remember most now is Led Zeppelin. I wouldfollow his lead and play the entire catalogue in one day.
Simon was eloquent, humble and always interesting. Milo, his son was born, and as a toddler would visit the store. I have an image of Milo sitting on Simon’s lap becoming savvy on an Apple Mac computer set up on the counter, amazed at his immediate interest and innate ability.
Time moved on, and the store closed. I would occasionally walk home from work at Sydney University to Annandale, running into Simon who was also working there, and have a conversation that always left me feeling elevated. God bless you, Simon.


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