Simon Holmes (by Karo Tak)

Karo Tak worked with Simon at Alfalfa House, a not-for-profit food co-op that aims to provide minimally processed/packaged, affordable, organic food to its members.
I met Simon at Alfalfa House Food Co-op where I worked for a few years (I have not lived in Australia for two years now, I am currently located in Lisbon, Portugal) I have such fond memories of him. Simon always was my ultimate favourite customer when he was still a member, he always did a big shop which meant we had a lot of time to talk, and we talked about everything. He especially loved talking about his family, proudly sharing the developments and growth of his young daughter in particular.  I referred to his family as “his unit” for some reason that stuck, every time I would see him I would ask about “his unit”. Then a lot later when Simon became the manger at Alfalfa (something I highly vowed for) the conversations continued. We talked about so many things. Simon was a man with such dignity, he was so wonderful with words, so humble, so kind, such a golden heart and his sense of humour so similar to mine. He reminded me a lot about my father actually, who unfortunately also passed away last year. Simon felt over responsible though at times, a very sensitive man and I always felt what was really going on with Simon he kept concealed and in a way hidden. I also remembered how embarrassed he was when we played The Hummingbirds in the shop (I LOVE the band!) we could only play it when he wasn’t around.
I always expressed my appreciation of Simon, something I am very grateful for. In my last period of working at Alfalfa I also was the Head Chef at Lentils as Anything, a place Simon really supported and he frequently came in for a bite and a chat. He always made time for everyone. At all times. We shared a lot. He was always so supportive of all my other side projects, my vegan cooking, my yoga classes and the move I was planning to Europe to start my own cafe. The last emails I received from him were always full of love, support, kindness and this pride a mentor gives you. I believe he was a mentor for many, with his music, his writing, but also just with his being and his life experience and incredible knowledge, such an intelligent, well travelled man. I feel blessed that he has been part of my journey and I would like to stress how loved he was. I can’t even imagine anyone not loving this man, because he was so loving, so sweet, so funny, such a wonderful soul. May he travel safe and keep shining his light……
My ultimate blessings of support and guidance go out to his “unit” in this rough time. My heart goes out to you!
Simon Holmes, remember what I told you the word guilt does not exist in Sanskrit….. fly free.
You made this world a better place simply by existing, you will be missed!

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