Forgiveness (by Adam Gibson)

Adam Gibson was in the band The Aerial Maps with Simon, and Simon produced albums for Adam’s bands Modern Giant and Adam Gibson & The Ark Ark Birds. 

Can’t sleep … but this will probably be all I write on the subject so … my brother Simon Gibson and I are inexpressibly sad about the passing of Simon Holmes (or “Holmesy”, as we always called him). My brother worked with him at Enthusiasms store way back when and became firm, close friends with him. We’d been fans of his music since the late 80s and indeed it was the Hummingbirds that were the whole reason why we actually fell in love with guitar pop music in the first place. And overall, they were the band that were the first to break through to some sort of mainstream success and make such music seem “possible”.

To later become friends with him was an honour and to later, at my brother’s encouragement, have him come in and produce the Modern Giant album, “Satellite Nights”, was massive. It was through that connection that I asked him to be involved in the recording of the first Aerial Maps album. That evolved into him being a key component of the Maps.

After my brother moved overseas, as I wrote on the Aerial Maps’ page…

Holmesy became my co-conspirator, guiding light, emotional touchpoint and musical genius. We shared some wonderful times together – touring, rehearsing and recording – all-up making a total of five albums across Modern Giant, The Aerial Maps and The Ark-Ark Birds. He was a great friend, a true mentor, someone whom we all deeply admired, respected and loved. The Hummingbirds were his iconic and integral band, but for the past 10 or so years, myself, Sean Kennedy and the other Aerial Maps/Ark Arks were absolutely honoured, privileged and proud that we could work with him on the stuff we did.

My deepest thoughts go to his family and other loved ones. He will be greatly missed and yet remembered for being an amazing person and incredible musician. It’s all there in the music.

I don’t feel I can write much more about things, but just give my best wishes to Milo, Justine, Maisie and extended musical family such as Alannah and Mark and all his loved ones. This is the last song we played live with him, my brother and I, in May … It is called ‘Forgiveness’ – Adam


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